Welcome to

EggHeads Universe

Eggheads are about to change the world.

We are not just art, we are a digital movement!

Join our eggciting community of funny, talented, and good looking Eggheads as we eggspand across the globe. You will be egglightened.

Roadmap in Effect

Congats to all Egghead holders! Time to kick things off!


Eggheads are an eggstraordinary collection of 4,000 funny Egghead Character NFTs— unique digital collectibles powered by the Solana blockchain.

Your Egghead gives you eggsclusive access to the Egghead Club. Many attractive perks will be unlocked for the Eggheads community through our team’s eggciting roadmap!

The Collection

Eggheads were generated to be satirical, and artistically unique with over 70 distinct traits. They are sure to make you laugh. For eggsample, these attributes include: Accessories, Backgrounds, Clothing, Eyes, Hands, Hats, Mouth, and Skin color.
All Eggheads are eggceptional, but some are rarer than others!
👉 Click here to see all Egghead traits and counts.

The EggHead Club

When you buy an Egghead, you become part of our eggceptional community. Your Egghead will serve as your unique identity, and open up many new doors for you! Whether you are new to crypot & nfts and just learning, or experienced – Eggheads are always welcome here! Egghead Club gives you access to eggsclusive whitelist drops, giveaways,
alpha, and a thriving global community of like minded Eggheads. Egghead club benefits, and offerings are being continually developed, and will be unlocked over time to bring you even more utility. Our goal is to create tremendous value for all Eggheads. Just hold on to your Eggheads so you can keep benefiting!

Everyone in the club has a voice regarding the future of the project and how funds will be spent. We will hold frequent votes for Eggheads to decide on.

To access members-only areas such as the Egghead Club, Egghead holders will need to be signed into their Solana compatible wallet using our Discord verification tool.

We’re in this for the long haul and plan to bring innovation to you via the Solana ecosystem.

Eggsciting Roadmap

We’ve set up some initial goals which are broken down in phases.


Our public FREE mint had 4,000 available mints. Minting ended April 8, 2022.

PHASE 2 (ONGOING) Marketplaces

Listed on Magic Eden, & Hyperspace.xyz marketplaces on mint day. Other marketplaces may include Opensea, Solanart, Alpha.art, Solsea, &more.


The Eggheads Club (DAO) has started, we are using an ownership verification tool to connect your discord role with your Egghead. If you own an Egghead, you will be allowed to join the Eggheads club and unlock ongoing perks for as long as you are an owner.

Phase 4 (IN DEVELOPMENT) Rewards

The $EGG token will be airdropped to EggHeads NFT holders, if you own multiple Eggheads you will be rewarded accordingly.

Phase 5 (PLANNING) STAKING $EGG tokens

We will allow you to stake your EggHead NFTs, you will be rewarded with $EGG tokens, the more EggHeads you stake the more $EGG tokens you will be given.

Phase 6 (PLANNING) Marketplace

We will open our own marketplace where we will list NFTs that can be purchased with $EGG token. These NFTs will be given to us by projects we collaborate with. You will be able to bid on these NFTs with $EGG token, we will have auction events frequently. All of the $EGG tokens from this marketplace will go back to Egghead holders.


Additional roadmap phases are being worked on concurrently but not made public yet. We will release those as we continue to build out the Eggheads ecosystem.

    Your Honorary EggHeads

    Meet the team

    Eggo Junior

    Egghead Community Manager
    Huevo Eggo Sr.

    Huevo Eggo Sr

    Visionary Egghead Lead

    Egghead Mcman

    Eggsecutive Manager
    Egghead Mcman

    Egg Fu Yung

    Chief Dev Egghead

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A total of only 4,000 Eggheads were minted.

    The mint was FREE. Our goal is to become the most successful free mint ever launched on the Solana blockchain!

    Listed on Magic Eden and Hyperspace.xyz. Additional marketplaces will include OpenSea, Solanart, Solsea, Alpha.art, Digitaleyes, Exchange.art, and Ftx.us

    You can check rarity on SolRarity discord, and Hyperspace.xyz. We have applied for howrare.is and moonrank.

    All 4,000 Eggheads were already minted on April 8, 2022. Eggheads are now listed for sale on the secondary market: Magic Eden, & Hyperspace

    We will be doing events or whitelisting & giveaways with the Eggheads. These will be slowly given away through collaborations, and more. The team will hold some Eggheads to help fund future development.